Level 2 4 Pics

Can you solve all puzzles with the hints from the four provided pictures? Find the answers over here.
Gamoji Limited created The Hardest 4pics Game Ever. A new puzzle game which can be very hard. This game IOS is very funny but sometimes you don’t know the answer. We want to help you to next level.

Level 2-10: Quarter
Level 2-11: Shed
Level 2-12: Small
Level 2-13: Abuse
Level 2-14: Buffet
Level 2-15: Capital
Level 2-16: Pop
Level 2-17: Layer
Level 2-18: Compact
Level 2-19: Date
Level 2-20: Comic
Level 2-21: Fake
Level 2-22: Cone
Level 2-23: Arrest
Level 2-24: Game
Level 2-25: Expensive
Level 2-26: Entrance
Level 2-27: Equal
Level 2-28: Converse
Level 2-29: Alternate

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