Shadow Character Quiz Stage 12

Can you guess all characters by their shadow? Find all answers over here.
In Shadow Character quiz you have to guess the names of iconic cartoon, video game, and comic characters. If you don’t know every answer you can find the solution over here. We want to help you to next level and hopefully you know the next character.
Please find stage 12 below.

Level 12-177: Doug funnie
Level 12-178: Butt head
Level 12-179: Elmer fudd
Level 12-180: Mr Krabs
Level 12-181: Shredder
Level 12-182: Yogi bear
Level 12-183: Astro
Level 12-184: Dexter
Level 12-185: Rocko
Level 12-186: Stimpy
Level 12-187: Mr Slave
Level 12-188: Ren
Level 12-189: Scrappy doo
Level 12-190: Rocky
Level 12-191: Daphne
Level 12-192: Space Ghost

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