Level 4 Logo quiz close up

Logo quiz close up. Did you already play logo quizzes? In this game you have to guess which zoomed in logo it is. It is a close up edition.
Can you guess all logos? No? We have answers for you just to help you further. Find level 4 here.

Logo 1: Hewlettpackard
Logo 2: Bentley
Logo 3: Dunkindonuts
Logo 4: Hyundai
Logo 5: Landrover
Logo 6: Astonmartin
Logo 7: Britishhairways
Logo 8: Esso
Logo 9: Samsung
Logo 10: Subaru
Logo 11: Logitech
Logo 12: Mobil
Logo 13: Esprit
Logo 14: Kenwood
Logo 15: Greyhound
Logo 16: Axa
Logo 17: Harrods
Logo 18: Ups
Logo 19: Wilson
Logo 20: Kia

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