Guess The Song Game – Music pop quiz Answers Country

Guess The Song Game – Music pop quiz answers are online. This game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is created by Lucerotech LLC. You have to guess The Latest Hits of 2013-2014, 2000’s Hits, 90’s Hits, 80’s Hits,70’s Hits, Rock and Country hits.
If you can’t guess the song from 4 images or from a short song preview you need help. And that’s what we are gonna do. We will help you to solve all puzzles from this trivia game. You can be a music fan but of course you don’t always recognize a song. Find all tips, tricks, hints, answers, solutions and cheats over here.
All answers from Country songs are available.

Song 1: Strong
Song 2: Friday night
Song 3: Compass
Song 4: Red
Song 5: That girl
Song 6: Bottoms up
Song 7: Cop car
Song 8: American Heart
Song 9: Whiskey
Song 10: Tornado
Song 11: American Beauty
Song 12: Angel eyes
Song 13: Good girl
Song 14: Fish
Song 15: Storm warning
Song 16: Crazy town
Song 17: Smiley
Song 18: Water
Song 19: White horse
Song 20: Chicken fried
Song 21: Love story
Song 22: Redneck woman
Song 23: Austin
Song 24: I Believe
Song 25: Country Boy
Song 26: Blue
Song 27: Wink
Song 28: Litle rock
Song 29: Burn
Song 30: Love me

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