Guess that animal answers Level 21-40

Guess that animal is created by Fun Cool Free. Do you recognize all animals? Of you don’t all names of the animals you can find the answers below. If it’s not clear this is the solution. We just want to help you to next level. Find below level 21 till and including level 40.

Level 21: Emu
Level 22: Fox
Level 23: Frog
Level 24: Gazelle
Level 25: Gecko
Level 26: Giraffe
Level 27: Goat
Level 28: Yak
Level 29: Goose
Level 30: Gorilla
Level 31: Guinea pig
Level 32: Hedgehog
Level 33: Horse
Level 34: Hyena
Level 35: Whale
Level 36: Kangaroo
Level 37: Killer whale
Level 38: Koala
Level 39: Lamb
Level 40: Leopard

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