Level 1-20 Clue

Clue Pics – Guess the Saying? answers are online!
You know all your catchphrases? Are you able to crack the clue from the icon pics & guess what it’s saying? If you are stuck we want to help you! Intelligent answers is the best way 😉

Level 1: Tom Cruise
Level 2: Sky fall
Level 3: Golden eye
Level 4: Men in black
Level 5: Niagara falls
Level 6: The dark knight
Level 7: White house
Level 8: Justin Bieber
Level 9: Fingers crossed
Level 10: Below par
Level 11: Jim Carrey
Level 12: Rihanna
Level 13: Search up and down
Level 14: Big ben
Level 15: An open mind
Level 16: Final destination
Level 17: The lion king
Level 18: Great wall of China
Level 19: American pie
Level 20: Total recall

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