Quote Quiz – Who said it? Amateur

All answers Quote Quiz – Who said it? created by Apprope. Can you guess all the quotes, slogans and lyrics? There are hundred quotes from famous people. If you don’t know who said it or where it is from you can find answer here. Please find below all answers level/rank Amateur below.
It’s not a shame if you cheat 😉 .

Level 1: Ford – Built for the road ahead
Level 2: Jay Z – I’ve got 99 problems
Level 3: Peter Pan – Second star to the right and straight on till morning
Level 4: Washington – Father I cannot tell a lie
Level 5: Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone
Level 6: The Shining – Here’s Johnny
Level 7: Subway – Eat fresh
Level 8: Jd Salinger – People never notice anything
Level 9: Malcolm X – If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything
Level 10: Rodney King – Can’t we all just get along

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