Level 4 4 Pics

The Hardest 4pics Game Ever. Can you solve all puzzles with the hints from the four provided pictures? Find the answers over here.
Gamoji Limited created The Hardest 4pics Game Ever. A new puzzle game which can be very hard. This game IOS is very funny but sometimes you don’t know the answer. We want to help you to next level.

Level 4-50: English
Level 4-51: Protest
Level 4-52: Produce
Level 4-53: Warning
Level 4-54: Rest
Level 4-55: Support
Level 4-56: Present
Level 4-57: Report
Level 4-58: Intern
Level 4-59: Loud
Level 4-60: Plane
Level 4-61: Insert
Level 4-62: Trap
Level 4-63: Fantasy
Level 4-64: Parts
Level 4-65: Mix
Level 4-66: State
Level 4-67: Absent
Level 4-68: Scene
Level 4-69: Bond
Level 4-70: Drop

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