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Hollow Words answers are online. 1 First.
Hollow Words by James Porters will give you a visual presentation of text and you have to guess the phrase or word. Do you know all correct answers? Are you able to move on to the next puzzle? Just check out all answers over here.

Level 1: Head over heels
Level 2: Adverb
Level 3: Half empty
Level 4: Square meal
Level 5: Amaze
Level 6: Two peas in a pod
Level 7: Lickety split
Level 8: Equal right
Level 9: Banana split
Level 10: Crossroads
Level 11: Pink slip
Level 12: Mixed blessings
Level 13: Beat around the bush
Level 14: One in a million
Level 15: Queen bee
Level 16: Pinstripe
Level 17: Life after death
Level 18: Come up for air
Level 19: Grain of salt
Level 20: Average Joe
Level 21: Fifth wheel
Level 22: Antifreeze
Level 23: Carpet
Level 24: Split headache
Level 25: Domino

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