Shadow shapes Answers level 6

Shadow shapes answers, solutions and cheats are available. All answers of all puzzles are online. Game is available on Iphone, Ipad and iPod. Just download it on iTunes. Game is created by Peter Gilmour and it looks great. In this game you’ve got puzzles with silhouetted objects and you have to figure out what it is. If you are stuck you can share it on Facebook and Twitter but of course you can also check
Find below all answers level 6.

Picture 1: Showerhead
Picture 2: Microphone
Picture 3: Dominos
Picture 4: Donut
Picture 5: Sub
Picture 6: Knife
Picture 7: Mushroom
Picture 8: Hand
Picture 9: Acorn
Picture 10: Flamingo
Picture 11: Stapler
Picture 12: Clapper
Picture 13: Garlic
Picture 14: Cherry
Picture 15: Lettuce
Picture 16: Hamster
Picture 17: Tabletennis
Picture 18: Football
Picture 19: Burger
Picture 20: Snail

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