Set 3

Link it up answers set 3 are online and available for you!
In this trivia game you have guess what have two images in common. So what is the word that links these two pictures.
If you are stuck, you’re able to employ different types of hints, but you have to pay for it. You can also tap on the image to get a closer look. James Porter devoloped this game. Check the answers below.

Level-picture 1: Potato
Level-picture 2: Table
Level-picture 3: Chain
Level-picture 4: Mark
Level-picture 5: Top
Level-picture 6: Knife
Level-picture 7: Fur
Level-picture 8: Soda
Level-picture 9: Bank
Level-picture 10: Boat
Level-picture 11: Line
Level-picture 12: Peace
Level-picture 13: Candy
Level-picture 14: Blind
Level-picture 15: Money
Level-picture 16: Queen
Level-picture 17: Pipe
Level-picture 18: Light
Level-picture 19: Crazy
Level-picture 20: Broken
Level-picture 21: Change
Level-picture 22: Cube
Level-picture 23: Stub
Level-picture 24: Class
Level-picture 25: Pressure

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