4 Fourth

Hollow Words answers are online. 4 Fourth.
Hollow Words by James Porters will give you a visual presentation of text and you have to guess the phrase or word. Do you know all correct answers? Are you able to move on to the next puzzle? Just check out all answers over here.

Level 1: Big fish in a small pond
Level 2: Brain
Level 3: Multiply
Level 4: Hand in hand
Level 5: Hope against hope
Level 6: Eighty
Level 7: Bite the dust
Level 8: Foul language
Level 9: Compare
Level 10: Both ends meet
Level 11: Forehand
Level 12: Entire
Level 13: Last ditch
Level 14: Frozen
Level 15: Downstairs
Level 16: Cross swords
Level 17: Power to the people
Level 18: Along
Level 19: Blood is thicker
Level 20: Six pack
Level 21: Arrow
Level 22: Circles under the eyes
Level 23: Whitewash
Level 24: No harm no foul
Level 25: Excellent

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