Player 1-25 Footballer

Wubu Guess the Footballer answers are online!! Find all answers over here! Shortcut name is W Soccer.
Do you know all football names? Do you know every player? Wubu has a lot of apps like this one. In this version you have to guess names from populair players all over the world.

Player 1: Messi
Player 2: Ronaldo
Player 3: Rooney
Player 4: Ronaldinho
Player 5: Iniesta
Player 6: Beckham
Player 7: Zidane
Player 8: Pique
Player 9: Neymar
Player 10: Ibrahimovic
Player 11: Ramos
Player 12: Kaka
Player 13: Buffon
Player 14: Gerrard
Player 15: Maradona
Player 16: Ronaldo
Player 17: Torres
Player 18: Bale
Player 19: Figo
Player 20: Villa
Player 21: Falcao
Player 22: Cech
Player 23: Scholes
Player 24: Nani
Player 25: Lampard

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