Level 41-60 Music artist

Wubu Guess the Music Artist answers are online!! Don’t you know all 118 levels?? Find them all over here!

Level 41: Calvin
Level 42: Mariah
Level 43: Marx
Level 44: Fun
Level 45: Abba
Level 46: Linkin Park
Level 47: Leona Lewis
Level 48: James Blunt
Level 49: Scherzinger
Level 50: Ed Sheeran

Level 51: Armstrong
Level 52: Spice Girls
Level 53: Jessie J
Level 54: Josh Groban
Level 55: Demi Lovato
Level 56: Take That
Level 57: Pitbull
Level 58: Timberlake
Level 59: Kesha
Level 60: Macklemore

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