Level 1-20

All answers In Yo’ Face – Zoomed In Celebrity Photo Game!!
In this game you have to guess famous celebs from zoomed in pictures. We show you every picture with the name of the celebs who it is. Every answer is available!

Level 1: Lady Gaga
Level 2: Bieber
Level 3: Taylor Swift
Level 4: Emma Watson
Level 5: Usher
Level 6: Will Smith
Level 7: Johnny Depp
Level 8: Matt Damon
Level 9: Leo Dicaprio
Level 10: Samuel L Jackson

Level 11: Katy Perry
Level 12: Jay Z
Level 13: Bradley Cooper
Level 14: Kim K
Level 15: Brad Pitt
Level 16: Selena Gomez
Level 17: David Beckham
Level 18: Lil Wayne
Level 19: Snoop Dogg
Level 20: Arnold