Zoom! Answers – Magnified Pics Level 151-200

Zoom! – Magnified Pics all Answers, cheats and solutions are online. We already had placed the Dutch version but now we also got the English version. Zoom! – Magnified Pics is a game for iPhone and iPad created by Gabriel Silviu Stefan.
In this game you have to guess zoomed in pictures. You get a picture of an object, animal or person and you have to guess what it is. Because it is sometimes very difficult to see what it is we are going to help you, we have all the answers available and we want to share them with you. Find the solution if you are stuck and do not know what to do.

Level 151: Can
Level 152: Windmill
Level 153: Squirrel
Level 154: Perfume
Level 155: Seashell
Level 156: Locomotive
Level 157: Ham
Level 158: Elephant
Level 159: Fan
Level 160: Boat
Level 161: Cherry
Level 162: Battery
Level 163: Aloe
Level 164: Tattoo
Level 165: Bauble
Level 166: Raccoon
Level 167: Avocado
Level 168: Backgammon
Level 169: Matches
Level 170: Hawk
Level 171: Door handle
Level 172: Biscuits
Level 173: Acorn
Level 174: Mascara
Level 175: Swan
Level 176: Artichoke
Level 177: Armadillo
Level 178: Whistle
Level 179: Mushroom
Level 180: USB
Level 181: Seahorse
Level 182: Eiffel tower
Level 183: Plug
Level 184: Coral
Level 185: Pigeon
Level 186: Crane
Level 187: Daffodil
Level 188: Polar bear
Level 189: Macaron
Level 190: Video camera
Level 191: Tape measure
Level 192: Meerkat
Level 193: Tea
Level 194: Obelisk
Level 195: Gear
Level 196: Zebra
Level 197: Dumbbells
Level 198: Cashew
Level 199: Alligator
Level 200: X-Ray