Level 3 4 Pics

Can you solve all puzzles with the hints from the four provided pictures? Find the answers over here.
Gamoji Limited created The Hardest 4pics Game Ever. A new puzzle game which can be very hard. This game IOS is very funny but sometimes you don’t know the answer. We want to help you to next level.

Level 3-30: Parallel
Level 3-31: Tools
Level 3-32: Soak
Level 3-33: Pedal
Level 3-34: Divers
Level 3-35: Empty
Level 3-36: Essay
Level 3-37: Exercise
Level 3-38: Formula
Level 3-39: Judge
Level 3-40: Metal
Level 3-41: Hang
Level 3-42: Contest
Level 3-43: Clean
Level 3-44: Attack
Level 3-45: Wast
Level 3-46: Cover
Level 3-47: Blast
Level 3-48: Bass
Level 3-49: Thought

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