Icon trivia Guess the Celebrity Answers

Icon trivia Guess the Celebrity Answers created by Woody Apps answers, solutions and cheats. Check out the complete list below.

Level 1 Answer: Tom Cruise
Level 2 Answer: Ellen Degeneres
Level 3 Answer: Tom Hanks
Level 4 Answer: Usain Bolt
Level 5 Answer: Robert Downey Jr
Level 6 Answer: Celine Dion
Level 7 Answer: Eddie Murphy
Level 8 Answer: Tiger Woods
Level 9 Answer: Dwayne Johnson
Level 10 Answer: Bill Gates
Level 11 Answer: Andre Agassi
Level 12 Answer: Taylor Swift
Level 13 Answer: Brad Pitt
Level 14 Answer: Muhammad Ali
Level 15 Answer: James Cameron
Level 16 Answer: Harrison Ford
Level 17 Answer: Neil Armstrong
Level 18 Answer: Bon Jovi
Level 19 Answer: Pamela Anderson
Level 20 Answer: George W Bush
Level 21 Answer: Rihanna
Level 22 Answer: Abraham Lincoln
Level 23 Answer: Will Smith
Level 24 Answer: Calvin Harris
Level 25 Answer: Julia Robert
Level 26 Answer: Bill Clinton
Level 27 Answer: Adam Sandler
Level 28 Answer: Charles Dickens
Level 29 Answer: Mother Teresa
Level 30 Answer: Andy Rooney
Level 31 Answer: Ben Affleck
Level 32 Answer: Angelina Jolie
Level 33 Answer: Dan Aykroyd
Level 34 Answer: Elizabeth Dole
Level 35 Answer: David Guetta
Level 36 Answer: David Beckham
Level 37 Answer: Drew Brees
Level 38 Answer: Drew Carey
Level 39 Answer: Dr Dre
Level 40 Answer: Jennifer Lopez