Level 8 146-170

Please find all answers/solutions for Icon/ico pop song level 8 below. We want you to help with the right answer if you are really in doubt. You can see it as a cheat but our idea is to help you to go to next level.

Find answers level 8 below.

Level 146: Ass back home (artist)
Level 147: Lights (song title)
Level 148: Lmfao (artist)
Level 149: Train (artist)
Level 150: Ne – yo (artist)
Level 151: Andrea Bocelli (artist)
Level 152: Kiss me (artist)
Level 153: Icona pop (artist)
Level 154: I’m into you (song title)
Level 155: Without you (song title)
Level 156: That power (song title)
Level 157: The Lumineers (artist)
Level 158: Macarena (song title)
Level 159: Glad you came (song title)
Level 160: Radio (song title)
Level 161: Demi Lovato (artist)
Level 162: Scream (song title)
Level 163: Daft Punk (artist)
Level 164: Paparazzi (song title)
Level 165: Dont wake me up (song title)
Level 166: David Guetta (artist)
Level 167: Alicia Keys (artist)
Level 168: Spice Girls (artist)
Level 169: Adele (artist)

Please be aware the order can be different in your game. We took a Youtube movie for example but in your game this order can be totally different!!
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