What’s the word? -Doodle pics Answers Level 1-20

What’s the word? -Doodle pics created by Redspell answers, cheats, tipps, tricks and solutions are online. This word game is based on doodle pictures. It’s quite simple and addictive. Game is developed for iPad, iPhone (IOS) and Android devices. If you are stuck and need help you can find all answers on our site.
Let’s start with level 1 till and including level 20.

Level 1: Moon
Level 2: Money
Level 3: Honey
Level 4: Pirate
Level 5: Tourist
Level 6: Wind
Level 7: Fire
Level 8: Virus
Level 9: Craft
Level 10: Africa
Level 11: Street
Level 12: Wave
Level 13: Stone
Level 14: Air
Level 15: Wool
Level 16: Delivery
Level 17: Future
Level 18: Sound
Level 19: Dough
Level 20: Movement

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