Level 41-60

All answers In Yo’ Face – Zoomed In Celebrity Photo Game!!
In this game you have to guess famous celebs from zoomed in pictures. We show you every picture with the name of the celebs who it is. Every answer is available!

Level 41: Kristen Stewart
Level 42: Lindsey Vonn
Level 43: Adam Levine
Level 44: Julia Roberts
Level 45: Lance
Level 46: Bruce Willis
Level 47: Pauly D
Level 48: NPH
Level 49: Nicki Minaj
Level 50: Hugh Jackman

Level 51: Lea Michele
Level 52: Kanye West
Level 53: Charlize Theron
Level 54: Amy Adams
Level 55: Tom Cruise
Level 56: Angelina
Level 57: Zac Efron
Level 58: Beyonce
Level 59: Obama
Level 60: Bruno Mars