Level 21-40 Clue

Clue Pics – Guess the Saying? answers are online!
You know all your catchphrases? Are you able to crack the clue from the icon pics & guess what it’s saying? If you are stuck we want to help you! Intelligent answers is the best way 😉

Level 21: Iron man
Level 22: Colosseum
Level 23: Casino Royale
Level 24: Effel tower
Level 25: No pain no gain
Level 26: The day after tomorrow
Level 27: Celine Dion
Level 28: In the hot seat
Level 29: Elton John
Level 30: Gone in sixty second
Level 31: Pull your own weight
Level 32: Face off
Level 33: Times square
Level 34: Sharon Stone
Level 35: Leaning tower of Pisa
Level 36: The evil dead
Level 37: The matrix reloaded
Level 38: Morgan Freeman
Level 39: Do or die
Level 40: Air force one

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