Icon Mania Guess who? Level 3

All answers for Icon Mania Guess who are available and online. This game is for android and iphone. Game is created by The Wild Labs and you have to answer more than 100+ levels. So if you need answers just check our website. You can find all levels over here.

Level 3-1: Bowser
Level 3-2: Pinocchio
Level 3-3: Jerry
Level 3-4: Dora
Level 3-5: Timmy Turner
Level 3-6: Po
Level 3-7: Spock
Level 3-8: Spiderman
Level 3-9: Beast
Level 3-10: Jiminy Cricket
Level 3-11: George Jetson
Level 3-12: Harry Potter
Level 3-13: Donkey Kong
Level 3-14: Finn
Level 3-15: Piglet
Level 3-16: The Flash
Level 3-17: Alice
Level 3-18: Scooby Doo
Level 3-19: Ursula
Level 3-20: Tigger
Level 3-21: Hook
Level 3-22: Guile
Level 3-23: Cleveland Brown
Level 3-24: Squidward
Level 3-25: Quagmire
Level 3-26: Gumby
Level 3-27: Porky Pig
Level 3-28: Doraemon
Level 3-29: Cloud Strife
Level 3-30: Big Bird
Level 3-31: Pink Panther
Level 3-32: Angry Birds

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