Level 1 – 50 Witty

What’s the saying.
Please find below all answers level 1 till and including level 50 from Witty. There may be differences in sequence so please keep an eye on the picure.

Square dance
Level Witty 1 Square dance
Red letter day
Level Witty 2 Red letter day
Air hockey
Level Witty 3 Air hockey
Rubiks cube
Level Witty 4 Rubks cube
Henry the eighth
Level Witty 5 Henry the eighth
Screen play
Level Witty 6 Screen play
Grace period
Level Witty 7 Grace period
Whats up doc
Level Witty 8 Whats
Lost in the crowd
Level Witty 9 Lost in the crowd
Living quarters
Level Witty 10 Living quarter
Drop in the market
Level Witty 11 Drop in the market
Pit stop
Level Witty 12 Pit stop
Too good too pass up
Level Witty 13 Too good to pass us
The jury is out
Level Witty 14 The jury is out
Count dracula
Level Witty 15 Count dracula
Meteor Shower
Level Witty 16 Meteor shower
Role reversal
Level Witty 17 Role reversal
I’m in a rush
Level Witty 18 Im in a rush
Iced coffee
Level Witty 19 Iced coffee
One and done
Level Witty 20 One and done
Mountain lion
Level Witty 21 Mountain lion
Level Witty 22 Facebook
Honorable intentions
Level Witty 23 Honoroable intentions
Shifting sands
Level Witty 24 Shifting sand
New York times
Level Witty 25 New york times
Smoky mountains
Level Witty 26 Smokey mountains
Police line up
Level Witty 27 Police line up
Fat cat
Level Witty 28 Fat cat
Empty space
Level Witty 29 Empty space
Kick boxing
Level Witty 30 Kick boxing
Headless horseman
Level Witty 31 Headless horseman
Eye doctor
Level Witty 32 Eye doctor
Bullet train
Level Witty 33 Bullet train
Run for the border
Level Witty 34 Run for the border
Level Witty 35 Sidewinder
Level Witty 36 Blockhead
Order online
Level Witty 37 Order online
Jet Black
Level Witty 38 Jet black
Walking hand in hand
Level Witty 39 Walking hand in hand
Black friday
Level Witty 40 Black friday
Tee ball
Level Witty 41 Tee ball
Peace on earth
Level Witty 42 Peace on earth
Broad daylight
Level Witty 43 Broad dayligth
All shook up
Level Witty 44 All shook up
Worlds apart
Level Witty 45 Worlds apart
Settle out of court
Level Witty 46 Settle out of court
White christmas
Level Witty 47 White christmans
Change of heart
Level Witty 48 Change of heart
Headline news
Level Witty 49 Headline news
Cross country skiing
Level Witty 50 Cross country skiing

Level 1: Square dance
Level 2: Red letter day
Level 3: Air hockey
Level 4: Rubiks cube
Level 5: Henry the eighth
Level 6: Screen play
Level 7: Grace period
Level 8: Whats up doc
Level 9: Lost in the crowd
Level 10: Living quarters
Level 11: Drop in the market
Level 12: Pit stop
Level 13: Too good too pass up
Level 14: The jury is out
Level 15: Count dracula
Level 16: Meteor Shower
Level 17: Role reversal
Level 18: I’m in a rush
Level 19: Iced coffee
Level 20: One and done
Level 21: Mountain lion
Level 22: Facebook
Level 23: Honorable intentions
Level 24: Shifting sands
Level 25: New York times
Level 26: Smoky mountains
Level 27: Police line up
Level 28: Fat cat
Level 29: Empty space
Level 30: Kick boxing
Level 31: Headless horseman
Level 32: Eye doctor
Level 33: Bullet train
Level 34: Run for the border
Level 35: Sidewinder
Level 36: Blockhead
Level 37: Order online
Level 38: Jet black
Level 39: Walking hand in hand
Level 40: Black friday
Level 41: Tee ball
Level 42: Peace on earth
Level 43: Broad daylight
Level 44: All shook up
Level 45: Worlds apart
Level 46: Settle out of court
Level 47: White christmas
Level 48: Change of heart
Level 49: Headline news
Level 50: Cross country skiing