Guess that animal answers Level 1-20

Guess that animal is created by Fun Cool Free. Do you recognize all animals? Of you don’t all names of the animals you can find the answers below. If it’s not clear this is the solution. We just want to help you to next level. Find below level 1 till and including level 20.

Level 1: Alligator
Level 2: Anteater
Level 3: Armadillo
Level 4: Beaver
Level 5: Bird
Level 6: Bison
Level 7: Black bear
Level 8: Brown bear
Level 9: Buffalo
Level 10: Camel
Level 11: Cat
Level 12: Catfish
Level 13: Cheetah
Level 14: Cow
Level 15: Crab
Level 16: Deer
Level 17: Dolphin
Level 18: Donkey
Level 19: Dove
Level 20: Elephant

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