Shadow Character Quiz Stage 11

Can you guess all characters by their shadow? Find all answers over here.
In Shadow Character quiz you have to guess the names of iconic cartoon, video game, and comic characters. If you don’t know every answer you can find the solution over here. We want to help you to next level and hopefully you know the next character.
Please find stage 11 below.

Level 11-161: Kamek
Level 11-162: Ganon
Level 11-163: King
Level 11-164: M Bison
Level 11-165: King Dedede
Level 11-166: Sephiroth
Level 11-167: Sagat
Level 11-168: Dr Eggman
Level 11-169: The Grinch
Level 11-170: Snoopy
Level 11-171: Goofy
Level 11-172: Road runner
Level 11-173: Tweety bird
Level 11-174: Chip
Level 11-175: Shaggy
Level 11-176: Tigger

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