Level 141-160 Clue

Clue Pics – Guess the Saying? answers are online!
You know all your catchphrases? Are you able to crack the clue from the icon pics & guess what it’s saying? If you are stuck we want to help you! Intelligent answers is the best way 😉

Level 141: Scarlett Johansson
Level 142: Epic fail
Level 143: I am number four
Level 144: Father of the bride
Level 145: The jungle book
Level 146: Rowan Atkinson
Level 147: Fast five
Level 148: Call it a day
Level 149: Robin Williams
Level 150: Just saying
Level 151: The plot thickens
Level 152: Loreal
Level 153: Making up for lost time
Level 154: Frank Sinatra
Level 155: Linked in
Level 156: Reebok
Level 157: Melbourne
Level 158: Pat on the back
Level 159: A splitting headache
Level 160: After earth

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