Mosaic: Silhouettes Quiz! Answers level 3

Mosaic: Silhouettes Quiz! By Second Gear Games is a game for iphone, ipad and android. Can you guess all objects by it’s silhouette? We will help you with this word quiz games, we have the solution for you. Find all answers level 3 below.

Level 3-1: Dragonfly
Level 3-2: Hare
Level 3-3: Chess
Level 3-4: Razor
Level 3-5: Bus
Level 3-6: Pine
Level 3-7: Heels
Level 3-8: Doll
Level 3-9: Fireman
Level 3-10: Coffee
Level 3-11: Pipe
Level 3-12: Skull
Level 3-13: Clock
Level 3-14: Palms
Level 3-15: Cards
Level 3-16: Beaver
Level 3-17: Cucumber
Level 3-18: Flag
Level 3-19: Peacock
Level 3-20: Horn

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