Anagramania – Films Answers

Anagramania – Films by Carl Smith is an app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android devices. The game shows you 3 words and you have to guess which movie they look for. So this could be hard if you don’t know all movies. That’s why we have a solution for you, all answers in one single list. That’s easy and helpful for you. We will be your helpful hand.

Level 1: The Godfather – Hot Fat Hedger
Level 2: Pulp Fiction – Cop In Unlift
Level 3: Rear Window – Redraw Wino
Level 4: Casablanca – Alans Bacca
Level 5: Usual Suspects – Cuts Usa Pulses
Level 6: Snow White – Two Whines
Level 7: Peter Pan – Paper Net
Level 8: Cinderella – Lid Cleaner
Level 9: Flash Gordon – Foghorn Lads
Level 10: Patch Adams – Madcap Hats
Level 11: Star Wars – Raw Tsars
Level 12: Pinocchio – I Chop Corn
Level 13: Toy Story – Try Sooty
Level 14: Cast Away – Sway A Cat
Level 15: Forrest Gump – Pot Fur Germs
Level 16: Supernova – No Raveups
Level 17: Red Planet – Parent Led
Level 18: White Fang – Fat Whinge
Level 19: Hellraiser – Real Relish
Level 20: Innerspace – Screen Pain

Next levels will follow when there are enough visitors.