4 pics Mystery: more words Level 9

Answers 4 pics mystery more words are online.
You have to guess more words in this 4 Pics 1 Word style puzzle! Sometimes you don’t have the solution and we are the one who helps you with this problem. Did you look at the pictures and you’ve got no idea what they represent? Check out this website. All answers for this Iphone, ipad and android game are online. See extra movie to be sure the range is also correct.

Level 9-1: Newborn
Level 9-2: Orchid
Level 9-3: Tower
Level 9-4: Crimson
Level 9-5: Belt
Level 9-6: Carpet
Level 9-7: Broom
Level 9-8: REd
Level 9-9: Kiss
Level 9-10: Sultan
Level 9-11: Joy
Level 9-12: Gambling
Level 9-13: Banana
Level 9-14: Mirror
Level 9-15: Cuckoo
Level 9-16: Pizza
Level 9-17: Confetti
Level 9-18: Radar
Level 9-19: Color
Level 9-20: Poker