Guess that animal answers Level 61-80

Guess that animal is created by Fun Cool Free. Do you recognize all animals? Of you don’t all names of the animals you can find the answers below. If it’s not clear this is the solution. We just want to help you to next level. Find below level 61 till and including level 80.

Level 61: Rhinoceros
Level 62: Sea lion
Level 63: Seal
Level 64: Shark
Level 65: Sheep
Level 66: Skunk
Level 67: Sloth
Level 68: Snake
Level 69: Squirrel
Level 70: Wild boar
Level 71: Swan
Level 72: Sword fish
Level 73: Tiger
Level 74: Turkey
Level 75: Turtle
Level 76: Walrus
Level 77: Warthog
Level 78:
Level 79:
Level 80: Will coming soon….

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