Level 61-80 Pic the word

Pic the word – Find the common word by ‘Rainy day app’.
Guess the word that respresent the 4 pics that are showed. Can you guess the word? All answers for this game are available. Just have fun with our help.
Level 61 till and including level 80 below.

Level 61: Spiral
Level 62: Squeeze
Level 63: String
Level 64: Tall
Level 65: Tranquil
Level 66: Trouble
Level 67: Twisted
Level 68: Umbrella
Level 69: Catacombs
Level 70: Weapon

Video level 61-70

Level 71: Strike
Level 72: Dirty
Level 73: Flexible
Level 74: Dilapidated
Level 75: Sinister
Level 76: Pontoon
Level 77: Quench
Level 78: Lane
Level 79: Guard
Level 80: Open

Video level 71-80

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