90′s Blankz Answers and Cheats

90′s Blankz Answers and Cheats for all Levels Solution on iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices, app by Adrenaline Punch.
A Fill In The Blanks 90’s Quiz Answers are online:

Level 0: Millionare
Level 1: Beanie
Level 2: The Brain
Level 3: Crocodile
Level 4: Teenage Mutant
Level 5: Ducks
Level 6: Genie
Level 7: Jesus Do
Level 8: Bill Nye
Level 9: Fresh Prince
Level 10: Stine
Level 11: Scholastic
Level 12: School Bus
Level 13: Mighty Morphin
Level 14: Dawsons
Level 15: My Lover
Level 16:
Level 17: Teenage Witch
Level 18: Pony
Level 19: Beverly Hills
Level 20:

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